Friday, 21 December 2012

Nativity and happy endings

At last, after weeks of learning new songs, many many rehearsals, making costumes and props, the Sunnyside Nativity came...and went today!

However, there was a slight hiccup, (just before things got started) when Mrs Very Jolly spotted the empty crib on the alter of Whippy Cove Church. She hastily signaled to Mrs Crayon to run back to school and grab something, anything, to fill the crib. Mrs Crayon took to her heels, grabbed the first thing she could find in the classroom and was back before anyone knew she'd even gone.

The little learners sang like angels and made the team cry, along with all the parents, grandparents, and friends of Sunnyside School. It was the most wonderful and uplifting way to end the little learners first term in school.

So that is it, the term has ended, Christmas is here and after the holiday the fun and learning will continue.

The team would like to wish you all a very, very happy Christmas and a peaceful new year.

See you all in January.

We've lost our baby Jesus

We've lost our baby Jesus,
 We can't find him anywhere.
We've searched in all the cupboards
 And looked under every chair

We thought he had ascended
 To the roof of our shed,
But sadly, we were mistaken,
 It was a basket ball instead.

But never mind, all is well,
Because we've found another one.
our brand new baby Jesus, 
Is as yellow as the sun!!! 

When you need an understudy,
Let it be a Teletubby!!!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas crumbs and wise reindeers

There was another explosion today at Sunnyside School! 
But it wasn't glitter this time that covered the floors and surfaces, it was bread, biscuit and cake crumbs. 

Today was Christmas party day for all the little learners. It was a day packed with much fun and merriment, lots and lots of food and a visit from a very special man in red. The little learners were beside themselves with excitement at the thought of meeting Father Christmas (in the grotto that Mrs Very Jolly and Mrs Crayon hastily threw  together yesterday) and they couldn't wait to put in their Christmas present orders which consisted of everything from a laptop to a word search magazine.

When the day was done and the little learners had all gone home, Mrs Very Jolly, Mrs Jolly, Mrs Crayon, Miss Kind, Mrs Caring and Mrs Organised  took to the grotto and collapsed in a heap with a cup of tea.

They were soon joined by Miss Spic and Mrs Span who were already weeping uncontrollably into their dusters!!!

Never mind ladies..... Just one more day to go!!!  

Here is today's interesting Christmas fact.

"The sticky up things on a reindeer's head are chicken feet!"

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Glue sticks and wise donkeys

There has been a definite flurry, if not a frenzy at times, of Christmas makes going on among the little learners recently and today was no exception.

The team want the little learners to be able take home as many Christmassy bits and bobs as possible at the end of the week, so the classroom looks very like Santa's workshop at the moment. The tables are covered with shiny paper, tissue paper, cellophane, sequins,glue sticks, sellotape and of course the inevitable mound of glitter! And just like happy little elves, the little learners have been singing Christmas songs as they work. 

They have also been imparting to the grown ups (as they've been beavering  away) some little known but terribly interesting, Christmas facts.

With the help of Mrs Crayon the team would like to share some of them with you all.

Here is today's interesting Christmas fact.

"Father Christmas lives at the North Pole.... You know near Portsmouth"

Monday, 17 December 2012

Missing V.I.P!

The Sunnyside Nativity draws ever closer. The little learners have been practicing (daily) the songs and words they'll be performing and if the dress rehearsal from today is anything to go by, the rafters of Whippy Cove church will be raised high on performance day.

There is just one teeny tiny thing concerning the team and the little learners as it happens and that is, the baby Jesus they have been rehearsing with since the very beginning, seems to have gone missing!!!

The little learners reported seeing him at one point on the shed roof in the playground. However when Mrs Very Jolly went to rescue him, there was no baby Jesus unfortunately......only a basket ball! An easy mistake to make.

So the hunt is on. Baby Jesus must be found before Friday's performance or the unthinkable may have to happen and an alternative baby Jesus will have to step in!  

"Come back Baby Jesus, we really miss you!"

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hot ears, warm hands

The team have long been aware of the mystical and magical properties of the humble school paper towel.

When folded three times and dampened with water, this very uninspiring little piece of blue absorbent paper becomes the healer of all manner of bumps, bruises, grazes, scrapes, headaches, tummy aches and sore throats. It also has other (non medical) uses such as, a hand wipe, table wipe, floor wipe, bicycle wipe, in fact a wiper of anything anyone cares to wipe! It is indeed the team's best classroom friend.

The little learners adore the paper towel in all it's forms and will use them in their thousands given the opportunity.
So, it came as a bit of a shock to Miss Kind, when first thing this morning a little learner actually refused her offer of a dampened paper towel following a slight bump to his ear.

"But your ear does look a little red." Said a concerned Miss Kind."
"My ears are always red!" Came the reply loud and clear. "That's because.... I always have a temperature in my ears!" 

 The paper towel didn't go to waste, Miss Kind used it to mop up her tears of laughter!   

"Ahhh! Who needs gloves when we've got your ears!"

Friday, 7 December 2012

Floppy antlers and crunchy carpets

There was an explosion today, an explosion of glitter the like of which has never been seen before at Sunnyside school.

The little learners were joined by the slightly older learners from years one and two for a day of festive makes. Before the grown ups had drawn breath to warn them all to go easy on the glitter, the damage was already done and the pattern on the carpets had instantly vanished under a monstrous covering of multicoloured sparkles.

 The little learners made glitter coated paper chains, glitter encrusted robins,
paper plate reindeer, with antlers made floppy due to the copious amounts of glitter weighing them down, lanterns, wreaths, and tree hangers all of which were doused in a mountain of glitter. 

Glitter was spread to all the corners (and the bends) of Sunnyside School and by the end of the afternoon everyone seemed oblivious to the fact that the carpets they were walking on were crunchy under their feet! Everyone, with the exception of poor Mrs Spic and Miss Span, who openly wept into their dusters when they saw and felt the glitter mound that greeted them when they arrived to clean.

However, the glitter madness inspired Mrs Crayon to want to write a rhyme and create a doodle. So during a walk on Appleville Downs with her dog Mrs Crayon wrote the following verse.

We spread it here...

We spread it here, we spread it there,
We spread our glitter everywhere.
It's in our eyebrows and up our nose,
It's even in between our toes.

At night we brush it out our hair,
And shake it from our underwear.
It's in our milk and on our lunch,
It gives our food that added crunch.

It makes our parents groan and say,
"Please don't bring it home today!"
But glittering is so much fun...

...So let's get spreading everyone!!!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Festive fun and holy hair clips

Christmas has come to Sunnyside school!

Alongside the daily diet of focused phonic and number activities, the little learners are now involved in lots of christmassy fun and frolics.
As one little learner perfectly stated to Mrs Very Jolly today. "When you put your teeth in your smile, that means you're very excited!"
Judging by Mrs Crayon's doodle the grown up Sunnysiders seem to be just as excited as the little Sunnysiders that Christmas is on it's way.

The team have turned a blind eye to the current glitter infestation, in fact Mrs Caring didn't bat an eyelid when she found purple glitter in her wrap at lunch time and Mrs Jolly was very nonchalant about the fact that when she blew her nose she found silver glitter in her tissue!  The team have given up pointing out to one another that they have glitter in their eyebrows, and it's par for the course for them to walk around with glitter spangled playdough stuck to the bottom of their shoes.

 This week rehearsals begin in earnest for the Sunnyside Christmas nativity. Mrs Organised is living up to her name and organising the production. She needs to find donkeys, sheep, cows, shepherds, kings, an innkeeper (and his wife) and of course the stars of the show, Mary and Joseph, or as the little learners call him, "Jovis."     
Then there's songs to be learnt, costumes to be made and a hall to decorate.

This afternoon Mrs Crayon worked with a small group of little learners to make a start on the Christmas displays. She wanted the Mary, Jovis, and the baby Jesus part of it to be completely their own work. Those clever little learners did a wonderful, wonderful job. Mrs Crayon was particularly thrilled with the baby Jesus who came into being complete with flowery hair clips!!! 

Happy Mary
Startled Jovis
Pretty baby Jesus